7 Ways To Save

7 Ways to Save BIG On Your Next Office Buildout

  #1 – Project Management If you don’t have someone watching your back during your build-out project, you’ll have to watch your own back, and it is not going to be fun. Do yourself a huge favor and hire a project manager. If you don’t want to shell out a bunch of extra dough for… read more »

Internet of things (IoT) world map with connected devices

Internet of Things begins with SigFox’s Network of Things

In another significant step towards a true Internet of Things (IoT), French communications company SigFox is bringing its wireless “network of things” – already in use in Europe – to northern California. Projected to span the Bay Area from San Francisco down to Silicon Valley before expanding to the East Coast, SigFox’s network will be… read more »


Google’s Project Fi Offers A Glimpse Into The Future Of Cellular

Far from being a simple search engine any more, Google has tried everything these days; from social media (moderately successful) to smart glasses (somewhat unsuccessful) to self-driving cars (slow, but becoming very successful), and with Google Voice and Google Hangouts, they’ve been dipping their toes in the world of interpersonal communications. Google Voice & Hangouts… read more »


Could This Be the End of Indoor Cellular Dead Spots?

How SpiderCloud Is Changing The Way We Do Indoor Cellular Connectivity becomes more important every day, as cellular and WiFi-enabled devices become large facets of everyday life and business stops being tethered to a desk or desktop computer. As many advantages as the leaps forward in mobile technology have provided for both businesses and consumers,… read more »


Telecom Infrastructure upgrades the New York Palace Hotel

Most historical edifices live out their days preserved in amber, frozen in time by curated exhibitions that transport guests back to a different era. But what happens when a historic building is also a living, breathing business that caters to hundreds of people every day? That was the situation faced by New York’s Palace Hotel,… read more »


LiFi is a Literal Lightbulb Moment for Internet Technology

We’ve gone from sharing snail-slow wired connections with our home telephones to lightning-fast data transfer over wireless signal and LTE in just a few short years, but the newest development in the transmission of data looks like something out of science fiction. LiFi – also known as Visible Light Communication or VLC- is the new… read more »


Internet In Space – The WiFi Revolution

If the name Elon Musk does not ring a bell already, it soon will. As the founder of many companies, including Tesla Motors, Solar City, SpaceX and even PayPal, Musk is constantly innovating. Now, Musk has positioned himself at the vanguard of a technological revolution that aims to fundamentally alter the way we connect; internet… read more »


A Guide to Cable Types and their Identification

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the three main types of cable; fiber optic, coaxial and twisted pair. Additionally, information on the classes and rating of each of these types of cable will be covered. Where appropriate, we will also discuss the various markings that can be found on… read more »


Cables, Cables, Cables: 6 Fundamental Concepts of Telecommunications Cables

As the technology industry continues to develop increasingly capable and impressive devices while the communications industry continues to share media and information, the resulting industry of telecommunications is constantly changing and evolving. One of the more fundamental parts of this industry is the modern telecommunications cable.


Cables, Cables, Cables: The Importance of What, Where, and Why

With the technological industry growing at a rapid pace, new devices and computers are being generated constantly in order to provide users with a more enjoyable and seamless communicating experience. The information that is communicated is also evolving at a rapid rate. New types, formats, and mediums of communication are being created to spread information… read more »

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