Sound Masking Systems

Reducing Distractions & Protecting Speech Privacy

Shared offices, smaller work spaces and minimal privacy are the norms in most of today’s professional New York office buildings. Office partitions that provide valuable privacy and sound absorption are becoming smaller and thinner to save on furnishing costs and company overhead. Modern sound masking technology involves the balanced distribution of comfortable layers of engineered background sounds evenly throughout the workspace through a series of small speakers, thus raising the ambient sound level of the environment.

Having little or no sound masking infrastructure in a professional space can quickly lead to noise distractions and continual interruptions around the office. Scientific studies have shown that these negative auditory intrusions inevitably result in a heavy loss of productivity, but they also show how adding a quality sound masking system to the office environment can actually increase productivity and even lower stress and anxiety.

If you work in an industry that deals with confidential information, like healthcare and medicine, finance and banking, law enforcement and legal aid, you have a professional and ethical obligation to protect your client’s information. Unfortunately, most business offices and medical centers embrace the use of open spaces with little or no sound absorption infrastructure in place to stop the spread of important information from “floating” to the wrong ears.

By integrating these discrete sound masking systems into your office environment, you are effectively provided with 360 lateral degrees of conversation masking abilities and a return to audible privacy. Since 1986, Telecom Infrastructure has been designing and installing custom sound masking systems for a variety of clients. Recognizing the importance of restoring speech privacy to a number of industries and workplaces, we are dedicated to finding the right sound masking solution for you.

Where are Sound Masking systems used?

  • All professional health care industry facilities, including patient and operating rooms
  • Government buildings, military facilities, law offices, and courtrooms
  • Finance offices, banks, conference rooms and boardrooms
  • Research laboratories, libraries, student centers and educational facilities
  • Call centers, lobby areas, reception & waiting rooms, and houses of worship

The best sound masking systems are highly customizable and include a variety of features, like programmable zoning layouts, adjustable power outputs and hardware and software based control capabilities. In addition to utilizing ambient white noise and pink noise masking frequencies, they also offer integrated paging and music capabilities that can suit almost any size work space. By integrating a quality sound masking system into your professional work space, you will greatly reduce the need for expensive sound blocking materials in your office or building, in addition to ensuring a high level of uninterrupted privacy and productivity.

Learn more about sound masking technology and find out how we can improve the quality of your professional work environment with a custom sound masking system.  Contact us today!

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