Professional Network Design, Installation and Project Management Services

Up-to-date Services Integrated for IT Business Solutions

Professional Network Design, Installation and Project Management Services
A reputation for unparalleled services … built one client at a time

In today’s world, if you don’t have reliable and efficient wiring, your business can be lost. At Telecom Infrastructure we make sure everything is done right to support your company’s broadband connectivity needs. We have decades of experience in working on some of the most challenging technology design-build projects. Whether your needs are relatively basic or highly complex, with Telecom Infrastructure you can be assured of the finest design and installation across the full array of information technology system services.

Being a leader means being the best all the time, on every project

Design – Good design starts with good listening. Our design professionals are certified, experienced, and outstanding problem solvers. They start with detailed questions and listen carefully to our clients.

Expertise –Every member of the Telecom team is highly trained and skilled in his or her specialty, from the professionals in the field to our office support staff. It is this deep level of knowledge and hands-on experience that allows Telecom Infrastructure to deliver the right solution for your immediate and long term needs.

Trusted Advisors – We pride ourselves on being independent thinkers and offering vendor neutral solutions. Our clients use words like experts, dependable, reliable, adaptable, and trusted to describe us. In addition, we stay on top of emerging technology through continual education and training. Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do we.


Our Services
Telecom takes ownership of the project from design all the way through the quality review process.
In Building Cellular
Structured Cabling
Professional Services
Audio/Visual Systems
Access Control & Camera Systems

I have been in telecommunications for over twenty years and no one has shown more professional courtesy and understanding to a customer than Telecom has. Telecom is truly a leader in its field.

Telecom technicians continue to go above and beyond. HSBC feels very comfortable knowing you are on the job.

In today’s demanding world, Telecom has produced the best service and attention that a client could ask for. We look forward to future projects with Telecom.

Being secure in Telecom’s capability and willingness to deliver allows me to concentrate on the other aspects of projects without worry. Telecom has been an invaluable asset to me.

It’s been a pleasure working with Telecom for over 15 years. Their team’s service enabled the project to run efficiently with all other trades and allowed me the comfort of not having to worry about the daily construction flow. We never have to be concerned about time frames or craftsmanship with Telecom. Telecom is a true partner and we rely on them as industry experts and our trusted advisors.