New COO Announced at Telecom Infrastructure



NEW YORK - As of June 1, 2015, Telecom Infrastructure Corp, New York’s premier telecommunications design and installation firm, has made John Filipowicz their new Chief Operations Officer.  With his extensive experience in corporate management and his obvious capacity for leadership, Mr. Flipowicz will help guide the company into a new era of success.

John will be playing a pivotal role in the success of Telecom Infrastructure by overseeing the daily operations of the company. He is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and implementing growth strategies and ensuring sustainability. John is like the Captain of the Telecom vessel. And as the Captain, he is responsible for the company’s smooth sailing, even when navigating through rough waters.

Over the past 25 years John has held several executive positions in a number of public telecom companies like RCN Corporation and Primus Telecommunications Group Incorporated. A few of his previous positions include General Counsel, President of Residential Markets, Senior Vice President of Customer Service, Chief Compliance Officer, and Chief Administrative Officer. His resume is impressive and it obviously made him a strong candidate, but it was his bold character and outstanding leadership skills that made him the obvious choice!

We’re very proud to have John Filipowicz as our new Chief Operations Officer. When Laura Donelan, CEO of Telecom Infrastructure Corp, was asked how she felt about this momentous hiring initiative she ardently said, “We are thrilled to have a COO of John’s caliber working with us at Telecom!” And when asked about his new position, John enthusiastically stated, “I am very excited to support and lead our excellent Telecom Infrastructure Corp Team!”

As a small company with a big name, every member of Team Telecom plays an integral role in the success of the company. Naturally, the hiring process is a big deal to us, and that’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the selection of John Filipowicz as our new COO.

There are many ways we could describe our company and how we feel about our team, but Ed Donelan, Founder and President of Telecom Infrastructure Corp, said it best. When asked about the hiring of John as our new COO and what he thinks about Team Telecom, he simply, yet boldly stated, “We’re a small piece of leather, but we’re well put together.” This perfectly sums up the essence of Telecom Infrastructure Corp and why we chose John Filipowicz as our new Chief Operations Officer.

For more information or to interview Mr. Filipowicz or Mr. Donelan, please contact:

Ed Donelan
Phone: 914-301-7794
Address: 122 E 42nd St, Suite 1900 NY, New York, 10168

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Telecom Infrastructure Corp is the most trusted name in structured cabling and telecommunications in the Greater New York area, as well as nationwide. Their expertise in the design and installation of structured cabling initiatives, distributed antenna systems, and audio/visual applications may be what sets them apart, but it’s their focus and dedication on customer service and relationship building that keeps them ahead.

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I have been in telecommunications for over twenty years and no one has shown more professional courtesy and understanding to a customer than Telecom has. Telecom is truly a leader in its field.

Telecom technicians continue to go above and beyond. HSBC feels very comfortable knowing you are on the job.

In today’s demanding world, Telecom has produced the best service and attention that a client could ask for. We look forward to future projects with Telecom.

Being secure in Telecom’s capability and willingness to deliver allows me to concentrate on the other aspects of projects without worry. Telecom has been an invaluable asset to me.

It’s been a pleasure working with Telecom for over 15 years. Their team’s service enabled the project to run efficiently with all other trades and allowed me the comfort of not having to worry about the daily construction flow. We never have to be concerned about time frames or craftsmanship with Telecom. Telecom is a true partner and we rely on them as industry experts and our trusted advisors.